Tactive | Online treatment platform

Tactus verslavingszorg is one of the pioneers in the area of online addiction treatment. In 2007 the organisation discovered a need for anonymous help which was also available outside working hours. With this fact the wish to create a generic platform was born. The purpose of this platform for clients would be gathering information and in an easy approachable way learning to deal with their addiction and behaviour.

Because the platform works anonymously and non-synchronised, it’s easier for clients to be open about their problems and behaviour. Together with Tactus we (the company) developed a platform called “De baas-platform”: a stable but highly flexible platform where a large number of addictions can be treated. Alcohol de Baas (Dealing with alcohol) was the first treatment developed, after that the platforms for treatment of gambling, drugs, benzo en eatingdisorders where created.

The front-end of the platform consists of 7 massive flex-applications.