Steroid Pigeon 360° Video Player

The biggest issue with most 360 players on the web is polygon distortion. The easy way to minimize distortion is to add lots more polygons. But that would drastically decrease performance and affect the experience. So we built a new renderer based on a different approach. We created our own shaders and now support pixel perfect projection! No more wobbly lines, walls and ceilings. Great!

Using 3D hardware acceleration, the software only defines the geometries and then passes them on to the computer’s GPU. The geometries are uploaded to the GPU memory – a piece of memory that sits on the video hardware and used solely by the GPU. The GPU receives the data and processes it, completely taking over the job of rendering the 3D content from the CPU. At this point the CPU can concentrate on other stuff and provide you with a great experience.

This new player is available as a lightweight full featured pre-build player (140kb full featured), but also as a full-featured SDK with extensive API. This means clients/developers are able to build their own customized player, all based on our SteroidPigeon.