Recreate environment in realtime 3D

Realtime 3D is mostly used in games. To create something that looks and works flawless in a browser is time consuming an very difficult. The main purpose of this demo was to find out what is possible. With the latest flash player (11) it’s possible to make use of the users GPU and create complex and realistic environments.

Making of video

At the start of the project we made hundreds of photos and used a architectural floorplan to create the base of the structure. After that it took a lot of programming time to find the perfect balance between efficiency and looks.

More than 75% of everything in the environment is created at runtime to save on data load. The whole project is 1.8 mb in filesize while in the best 3D software files it would grow up to at least 70 mb. Please click on the link below to see the demo in action.

Click here to experience the demo in 3D